The following is our suggested statement of work, services and mission, viz.:

General Scope and Mission:
Royana deep experiences, strong Market presence unable us to provide our partners with strategic vision and comprehensive over-look in to current and future market opportunities. Provide a wide network of international relationship to enhance communications and participate in security and Growth.
Provide information about the current laws and regulations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Specific information in relation to the available market in relation to your products and services.
Information related to existing and future requirements and trends relative to agenda currently required.
Information about the competitor's activities and other issues that might be helpful of gaining the lead in the competition within the legal parameter allowed in Saudi Arabia.
Royana will pursue and coordinate the efforts to lead and to bring you to be in the best position of winning the contract/s by means of promoting competitive prices, complete turnkey solutions, training and support of the life cycle of products or systems.
Royana will work with our business partners into developing and reinforcing the subject opportunity in relation to product's market share by:
Defining customer's feasible problem/s.
Presenting solutions to our client's problems / requirements based on our business partners' products and services are the answers.
Specific information in relation to the available market in relation to your products and services.
Promoting a positive image of our associates.
Assistance for fund allocation and the necessary approvals.
Seeking long-range contracts and long term cooperation programs between our business partners and the End User and seeking competitive prices.
Arrangement and coordination of presentations, meetings, briefings and trials for our business partners and the End User.
Bi-lingual translation of documents, brochures, presentations and technical manuals (separately arrange).
Update with information regarding the subject's business opportunity in connection to the client and other trade practices.
Royana scope may include advice in relation to the following:
Organizational charts and its changes.
The prevailing current and future issues.
procurement rules and regulations, and other pertinent information that might be important or requested (within the capabilities of Royana with respect to the current laws and regulations of the territory of our potential customer).
Provide best advice during contract negotiations.
After sales service may include prearranged activities during the execution of Contract/s:
Follow up to make sure payments schedule is sustain as per the Contract terms and conditions. and advice during preparation of invoices.
Support during hand over / acceptance procedures and clearing of materials if required.
Bi-lingual translation of various systems technical manuals (arranged separately).
In-country support services during execution of Contract that might include; housing, in-country transportation, ticketing, etc.
Dedicated Team
Royana will dedicate a team of highly skilled Professional/s headed by our designated (personnel) specialist and of which the team make up will be in accordance or go with the present feasibility and requirement of the proposed Project of the End User.
Good Coordination
Our dedicated staff will work in close coordination with your designated business development team and with other concerned officers involved in the mission.