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About us Welcome to Royana
Trading Company

"Royana, is a leading company that have been engaged in business since its establishment in 1995. We provide and sustain successful business and long-term partnership that carry on for years to steer business in the complexities and challenges of the dynamics of today's business environment, by helping business partners in evaluating and scaling the potential risks and rewards that are associated with the relevant projects and market opportunities, which are related to business plans in the outset. Moreover, crafting creative solutions and new approaches in order to minimize risks and developing the proper understating of the Project's requirements and needs. Likewise, developing strategies in response to the client's needs. And into developing business plans and strategies, likewise, plans for industrial and localization approach.

Our approach is ensuring reliability, effectiveness and competitiveness. Our perceptions and experiences, on localization of technology plans and local works share, the transformation plan in play, to provide quality strategic advice to enhance business market share and to a sustainable successful business and always be ahead of competition. Advising partners of the best updated business strategies that takes into consideration of all the important elements, factors with an emphasis in managing complex projects, and promotion of long-term partnership based in fair and honest trade, likewise, with the aid of our valuable experience and the continuous drive to achieve the best possible outcome with highest business standards.

MissionIt all Began with a Word

Royana is proud to have a dedicated highly qualified team of translators and interpreters in the Translation Department. The translation team has a long experience in professional technical translation. Through our Translation Department.

Our dedicated staff will work in closely in coordination with your designated business development team and with other concerned officers involved in the mission.

Provide professional Interpretations services on location of activities such as:


Presentations, Financial & Technical Proposals and Offers Discussions




Evaluations, acceptance and testing procedures


Field Trials

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